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Great to have this timeline. Will you be adding the report that RA was in South Africa April 13th filming scenes for Strike Back 2 (as reported on May 10th?)?


Was he in SA though? If we read RK's tweets, they were filming TH scenes at the same time. I'm not sure how they could have done without Thorin ???? Unless PJ or another person was standing in for him while he was away.

Perhaps he borrowed PJ's private jet to get "there and back again" given that Wellington to Cape Town is a 30 hour flight :) :) (MTA: I wish smilies could be enabled here as I am debating with myself about whether this is physically possible or impossible ...lol)


Thank you so much for the overview! Well, he DID apparently film some SB scenes, as they are in the trailer. And PJ said, when he announced that RK is leaving they they are filming Bilbo scenes at the moment. Very curious how long the "short hiatus" will be as well. IIRC Sir Ian is on stage till the end of September but he won't be needed for the scenes when Gandalf is absent.


Thanks Jane :). RA has a history of strong work ethic, so I'm sure if he was contracted to do some scenes of SB, he will have done so. The timing of the SB shoot was so tight though, (given the report) and healthwise, it must have been quite a stress for RA. I know how much jet lag can take its toll let alone the physicality of both the JP and the Thorin roles adding to the exhaustion. Little wonder that RA has not much time on his hands.

As for the hiatus, yes, Sir Ian is on stage until the end of Sept. (but he isn't needed for Mirkwood/LakeTown/Lonely Mountain); Sherlock airs in the UK autumn, so I assume that might finish filming around August/Sept?? Would autumn mean about October? I guess if we keep an eye on the schedules of the other actors, we might get an idea. I haven't seen any other work commitments for Aidan Turner, and James Nesbitt has based his family in NZ. School holidays here are in July, but they are only for 2 weeks, so, unless he leaves them in NZ to do some work away, I can't see him doing it for long. (Not that I know much about him ...lol). I'm going for a return sometime in August and at the latest early September. Enough for RA to do some JP hopefully .... but also to have a break!!!


Oh Kili. There are a lot of unhappy Tolkien fans, but it bodes well for the Armitage Army's chances to ogle.


Yes, I know!! I actually had to do a double take when I saw Aiden Turner with barely a dwarven feature about him. Being truthful, I was a bit dismayed as I am hopng for a good Thorin look but also one that makes him older and regal. He must not be slim like Kili, imo! The other cause of my dismay is that if they make Thorin look "hot", it will detract from RA's acting abilities, and this is a pivotal role for him in terms of proving he is more than just a good looking bloke. Very concerned!


Wow, that's a pretty extensive list! You are truly a Hobbitologist, Mulubinba!


Lol to "Hobbitologist" Skully. Not sure I will ever be as expert on it as you are on Spooks :)

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