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Thanks for taking the time to write such a complete review. Although we disagree on several points (notably Freeman, whom I thought was a disappointment, and whom I'm starting to dread having to watch after the fifth viewing), what your review points out to me is that much of what I found tedious as a viewer (Bilbo + Frodo at Bag End, the White Council scenes) is primarily there either to make the story comprehensible to people who only know LOTR and haven't read The Hobbit, or else to please an audience segment to whom I do not belong -- people to whom faithfulness to the original story is a primary consideration in evaluating the film. The question that I would ask myself as editor would be: ok, yes, the additions are all logical and I can see why they are there. But do they all *have* to be there? I would say no. Or that they could be shortened significantly.


Thanks for taking the time to read this long post, Servitus! We went to Sydney IMAX for a second viewing on Monday evening. We loved it even more the second time, and I certainly picked up more detail. Next will be 48fps. :)


I suspect it will take several viewings to fully understand the Jackson effect. I finally see it Jan. 13. Many RL issues have intervened, and anyway, I have not been a TOLKIEN afficionado. Nor an Armitage FAN.(she tells herself.) Have had actor crushes many times, but this is the first as a reader and participant on blogs.Which is a different universe.My long-time love, a grouchy Scot with strong accent, never had this "exposure". Or not on these terms. Based on previous work, I feel Mr. A is a more accompiished and better character actor. Thorin was a wonderful oppotunity and a wise choice for Armitage.

Mr. Freeman is a favourite, following his performance in BBC Sherlock. Not to undermine him, but he has reminded me of John Simm in BBC Life on Mars. I think he will not disappoint as Bilbo.We'll see.

May I come back after Jan. 13 and natter away? :D


I will look forward to reading your thoughts, fitzg. Thanks so much for your comment :)

Adam Borgia

I agree with most of what you've pointed out too. I loved the film. Seen it three times now (in both formats). I've read the books and while I love and respect them, I understand that films often need to be different. Books play out in the mind, so the same rules can't apply on screen. I think 99% of the changes made in the transition of these stories are appropriate, especially when I realize it is merely one fan's (Jackson) interpretation. I think there was a bandwagon of criticism against this film that picked up speed cause it was the "cool" thing to do at the time. Haters gonna hate. I have my own issue with critics and their place in the world though. Personally, I'll view it all as one large movie when the third act rolls, thank you very much.

All that being said, I need to point out that it is not Bolg that leads the Orc pack and reports back to Azog. That is, pretty sure, a character created for the film by the name of Yazneg. Bolg can be seen in a glimpse during the fight near Moria, and although he looks to be cut down, it is confirmed his character will have a role in the later films.

Also, Gandalf does mention the threat of Sauron luring a foe like Smaug to his cause, or at least his fear of such a thing happening. It's in the beginning of the White Council. It's what sparks Saruman's tirade against him. Galadriel later confirms after the council's dismissed that Gandalf's concern and decision to help the dwarves depose Smaug is the right move.

Thanks folks! See you at the movies!


Adam, thanks for pointing out Yazneg. I've watched the movie three times now and could not identify actor Conan Stevens. I had read somewhere that Bolg was leading the Orcs who were tracking the Company. So we will see Bolg in the next movies.

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