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Yeah...I'm no good with riddles. I can't figure out any of them...And I read the book LOL! I guess I'll have to re-read it...

Is 7 to do with a river or something?


Thanks for commenting Calexora :). I'm no good at them either ...lol. My education is sadly lacking.

1. Mountain
2. Chestnuts
3. Wind
4. Daisy
5. Dark
6. Egg
7. Fish
8. Fish on a little table, man at table sitting on a stool, the cat has the bone.
9. Time

Matthew Beckmann

The answer to riddle two is TEETH:

It was rather an old one and Gollum knew the answer as well as you do. "Chestnuts, chestnuts," he hissed. "Teeth! teeth! my preciousss; but we has only six!"

"Chestnut" is a slang term referring to old jokes/riddles that everyone knows, not the answer to the riddle. Gollum is basically saying "Easy, Easy, the answer is Teeth!".

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