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Mary Lindley

I see a couple of places on that map where the runes are switch around or there are different ones in place of those that should be there.


The "N" of the word "Stand" is missing in the first word of the second runic paragraph.


Is it possible that the "d" in "stand" is supposed to be "nd". The rest of the occurrences of the letter "d" in the passage are the other form of the letter (without the "box" around it).


There is a Dwarven rune for d, which is missing from the second passage.
Also, the translation later on in the second passage should read, "..and the setting sun with the last light OF Durin's Day will shine upon the keyhole."


can anyone tell me what the runes on thorins key says?


Luthien - I'm sorry for not replying earlier. I will have to check out the runes and get back to you :)


Luthien - They read Durins Heir


Thanks Safic :). Forgot all about looking into this for Luthien.


"when" is misspelt. On all copies I've read. The runes translate to, "hwen". Not sure if the Thrain had dyslexia ;)


If you look at the runes on the side of the map under the hand, the word "walk" is spelled with the runes "W" "OO/O"(not "A" tho the runes are similar, and transcribed as "A" in the text of the post) "L" "K". Maybe Thror put a bit too much flourish on his A? ;-)

Grubbit: maybe "hwen" is the archaic spelling?

John cena

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A Hobbit fan

There are loads of errors in your translation plus your Thorins map has incorrect inscription, the "f" rune in the word "of" is the rune for "a" it reads "oa" not "of". Also your link for the rune translater is invalid.

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