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Great Blog! Not being an educated Tolkien fan, this is just what I needed. I have been interested in Thorin's back story and wondered if you had been helping RA firm up his diary? LOL

Thanks for this great companion piece and I look forward to catching up on the blog posts and sharing your blog with others.


Thanks for visiting Phoebe:). I admit I've hit a writer's block at the moment as there are two versions of The Unexpected Party one is Gandalf's and one is Bilbo's (which is the one we will be reading on the Group Read). I may try to write something of Thorin's first impressions of Bibo as told by Gandalf. The dynamic between the actors (all three) is going to be very crucial - we've seen that Ian McKellen speaks a lot of Martin Freeman but we haven't heard anything about Thorin/RA. As Thorin is quite high and mighty as a character, Gandalf has to win him over. The two actors therefore are going to have to work closely to be able to convey this to the audience.


I only just found your blog, after reading the Unfinished Tales version of the Quest for Erebor today. This is a fantastic blog on a topic that will become massively popular once the film hits the fan in 2012! I never knew there was more to the tale of The Hobbit before last month, though I suspected there must be a bit more depth to one particular king in exile than is presented in the Hobbit text. You have done wonders to present this potential wealth of character to future fans of the new movie, and of RA in particular. I knew there must really be something about Thorin that would suit RA's talents, and this conflict between wizard and dwarf, and the near centuries in exile that Thorin had to endure, will hopefully be brought across on screen in some way. I wonder though, whether they will chose to include any of it explicitly, since the bafflement of Bilbo upon meeting all these rather crude strangers is what makes the story so endearingly quaint. They may chose to keep us all in the dark still. But I hope not!

I have been wondering (for years actually) how they were going to make The Hobbit as dynamic as LOTR. The Quest for Erebor spells out a little more clearly what was at stake for all of Middle Earth at the time, which The Hobbit only vaguely hints at (what Gandalf was up to, in particular).

And I did not realize they had cast Thrain and Azog! Wonder if they will show the rather horrid death of Thror, and who Dain will be played by?? RA won't have to act very hard to get sympathy for Thorin if they show us the grim history of his family.

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