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Thanks for this background. I haven't read 'The Unexpected Party'. I hope they fit this into the movie. It certainly would help set the stage for the adventure to come and also for the LOTR if PJ decides to explore more of what was happening in the White Council at this time even though - correct me if I'm wrong it doesn't feature in The Hobbit per se. It would provide a nice tie in with the LOTR trilogy. (Please forgive me if this is not correct - I'm just a Tolkien novice and unfortunately have a horrid memory. I can read books over and over again and still manage to be surprised. Apparently I owe this to too many anti-malarial pills - a now known side-effect - when I was living in Thailand and from my time in Africa...)


Thanks for making it over here Calexora! The White Council isn't in The Hobbit book but given Cate Blanchett's casting along with others, I would imagine it will be in the movies to bridge them with LOTR. I wonder if Gandalf will be able to expand on his concerns about the Sauron/Smaug potential relationship and we see the meetings between Thorin and Gandalf prior to the Quest. I hope so:)

OT: Do you have a blog? I'd love to read about your experiences in Africa and Thailand!


No, no blog, at least not yet. Those were a while back - early 90s. But I still cherish my time in Thailand, Cameroon not as much for a couple of serious reasons.
While in Thailand, I was living with a host family in a small village (with no phone - you had to take a 2-hr bus to get to a town that had a phone). And we lived right beside the Wat (Temple) and a primary school. The kids were fascinated with me, my blond hair, blue eyes and hair on my arms and I was fascinated with absolutely everything. I love Thailand and its people and culture. Anyways, perhaps in the future I'll get blogging. I suspect it might be something I do if I go back overseas. Always thinking about it.... And I have also some fab stories of my time in N.Ireland finishing my Master's thesis. God I miss travelling...But, I've been thinking of how best to celebrate my 40th and as soon as I have the all clear health-wise I'll be planning. I was actually thinking of going to your part of the woods - Australia and/or New Zealand. Not sure. Will keep you posted.


I hope you get the all clear soon :). There is a lot to see over here - large distances, many climatic and topographical differences. History - Aboriginal culture goes back thousands of years (check out Kakadu rock paintings) but white settlement is only 200 years old. NZ has also amazing culture and scenery. I haven't been there yet - Europe always held out lures for me. I'm yet to explore parts of Australia but over the next couple of years I think I will be staying closer to home as we have family commitments and elderly relatives. (NZ is actually closer to us than Western Australia so we may head over at some point in time. OH wants to stay in Hobbiton but he won't get much of an opportunity while they are filming ...lol!).

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