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February 08, 2017



Well, I'm the sixth from left, front row. Guess that blows our cover, Jenny.

What I remember most fondly are the chocolate donuts from the little shop two blocks south.


Yes, and I'm in the second row, seated, second from the left (looking worried).


I wouldn't consider that "an indulgence". Whenever you write about something that interests you, people will usually find something in it to relate to, as I did.

When I was in tenth grade I studied at the International School of Yaounde in Cameroon. It was my first time outside of the US, and I still have very vivid memories of that time and no one to share them with. So I can definitely relate.

It was also interesting that in your school picture, not a single child is sticking out their tongue or making a face or interesting gesture. That photographic feat is pretty hard to accomplish with such a large group.


Too young to have been in this photograph but I am an old Runnymedian too and I really miss the school - even though it's only been 2 months since I left the school.


I too went to Runneymede and was one of the first pupils when they started. I´m not in the photo though, but I do recognize most of them especially the one sixth from left, front row...

Miguel Rivas-Micoud

Memories, memories, funny indeed what some of us remember and how. Perhaps because I was constantly falling in and out of love with one of the Mendoza sisters, I can't remember the record player. I was probably more worried about falling off the horse and making a fool of myself. I do remember the ice skating on Friday nights, however, most likely because my father would often forbid me from going for failing to get good grades, something I never quite managed to do from the first day the school opened in '67 till I left in '70 or '71, I can't remember. Yes, Jenny, it was special for all of us there at that time. I don't believe it will or can be repeated. We can simply be happy knowing that we were there and experienced it the way we did. And hey, I'm still riding horses, and have yet to fall.

Emma Strawn Connolly

I attended Runnymede from 1982 to 1985. By that time, the middle house (No. 11) was part of the school. The dining room was the combined basements of Nos 11 & 13, which also doubled as Miss. Balashova's music classroom and the art classroom.

I'm not sure if life really was that wonderful at Runnymede or if the filter of time, like the filter on a camera lens, has improved those memories. Or a better analogy is of fine wine. At the time, the experiences were harsh and sour. But with time and experience, the memory tastes far better.

I remember my first crush (and no, I won't name names) on the ski trip to Astun. I remember latin classes with Mr. Bennet (Uh, right!) and I remember the strange person from down the street who was always hanging about the front gate. What was his name?



Hi...hey Emma...his name is (or was!) Beltran...bye!


Thanks for all your comments so far - keep them coming! It would be nice to hear from a few people who are in this photo eg Class of '76, Class of '77 and class of '78. Alison and I are surely not the only ones still in touch with the School from this era, are we?

Haidi Mimica

Geee, were you reading my mind while writing this?? Attended Runny from '77 to '81. It's still under my skin...


Well, I've just dropped into the RC website after a very long time to find your beautifully written memoir.I thought I had put that old RC ghost to rest after my superhuman effort of getting there after an absence of 30 years but it seems it is not to be..you've captured it so well..chocolate donuts..riding..Arga..ice skating..Mendozas..Chirpee chirpee cheep cheep!..Rivas Micoud..My sweet lord..fade in-fade out- RC long may you run.


Fiona, I remember going ice skating with you and your brother Ken on Friday nights very well! Aussies a long way from home.

Steve Tarn

In the words of a certain song from the musical 'Gigi'... Oh yes I remember it well. Particularly the donuts from the shop up the road and collecting the series of butterfly stickers! Oh and the lunches, my brother Graham and I used to help in the kitchen before school, perhaps asperations of going into catering later in life, which we didn't. Fond memories of Jesus and Antonio while slaving over peeling spuds! Happy days.

Fred Weldon

I don't know how I missed this before,but the mention of "Trail by Jury" just jarred my memory: I was the male lead,don't know if anyone remembers,but I remember my short time at RC very fondly.

Marina Obradovic

Dear Jenny,
I have written recently to our dear headmaster Mr. Powell that the most beautiful memories from my childhood come from the Runnymede College. I thought I was the only one so in love with our old school, calle Arga, the little donut shop, Moscardo,etc.etc. Imagine how thrilled I was to read your emotional description of all that and so much more. I keep reading it over and over again. You really took me back ('dare not count)30 years. It seems like a wonderful dream. Do you remember Eloy, the bus driver and Jose and Antonio, the best cooks in the world?
Jenny, what was your maiden name? I was in Upper 3A in 1972-3.
I have attended Runnymede College from 1971 to 1974. We must have known each other.
Thanks for mentioning all those dear names like Mr. Glyn Jones, Mr. Nelson and other teachers.
I often wonder where are they now and what's happening to them. Remember Miss. Harper (the Math teacher) and Mr. Millican (the Art teacher)?
I feel as if I had left the Runnymede a year ago and not three decades ago.
Thanks, Jenny for sharing O U R memories.

Take care,

Marina Obradovic

Correction: Jose was Jesus, actually

Alejandro Rivas_micoud

Hi Jenny, saw my photo (redhead, upper left), I must say that my time in Runnymede was all too short. I started in 1970 and the following year was sent to a Spanish boarding school in Alicante, so I only had 1 year.

I do remember, however, that throughout the years at the Spanish boarding school I longed to go back to Runnymede. It was, without doubt, the best school year of my life.

Unfortunately, with the fortunate exception of Cassandra Constant, whom I met fortuitously upon my return to Spain in 1992, I have lost contact with the friends of that time; Id be glad to re-establish contact!

Alexandra Smith

I know this is a long shot but I used to have a pen-friend, Jaqui, who I was in touch with about ten years ago. I'm trying to track her down again. She mentioned that the school she was going to was Runnymeade, Madrid. this was in about 1990 and she would have been about 11 or 12 at that time. If anyone knows of a Jaqui/Jaqueline or Mohita who she also went to school with, please let me know.

Many thanks,

Patricia Kelly

Dear Jenny:

Thank you so much for the wonderful memories that you captured with your passage. My sister, Margaret, is in the photo on the right side of the photo with a white headband on (I was older and in another photo). She died in 1995 from melanoma, but had a wonderful gift of making the world a better place through her love for animals. Runnymede College held a very special place in our hearts and a dream come true for me is when I visited Mr. and Mrs. Powell three summers ago. They created a special warm home for many of us when it would not have been easy to do so in a new British school in Madrid back in the 60's, and through their vision made it possible. Perhaps we all enjoyed the microcosm of the world that we could find within its walls, with so many nationalities thriving together. It was really great to have a tour of Runnymede College in La Moraleja and see how Manolo has continued the family tradition of excellence.

I too fondly remember the ice-skating, the riding on Saturdays, and the many fine teachers such as Mr. Anthony, Miss Dilworth, Miss Harper, and of course, Mr. Powell himself. It is interesting to go by the neighborhood of the Church of Santa Gema and still see Arga 13 standing there, unlike the original premises of Runnymede College 1967-1969 which I understand have been replaced by a new development.

Rossa McDermott

Funny to read some of the comments...brings back many memories which are still with me today. Every time I travel to Madrid and drive in from the Aiport into town I look down towards our "gym" in Moscardo.

I went to RC after Numont and St Michael's and came with some others like Sarah Coates, Sarah Morris and Joe Fernandez (who left Numont) and came to RC a few years later. Also have memories of Stephen Ainslie, Joseph Holliday, Juan Garcia and many others. Teachers like Cecilia Guillen, Miss Shaw, Mr Owenswho taught us basketball - or tried. I remember Jennifer Roberts was in a movie as well, a sad story about a man and his dog in the snow.

I also remember having a row with Graham Tarn in one of the swimming races and losing a medal because he had pulled my leg and slowed me down in the pool in Conde de Orgaz! Can I still sue or should I bury the grudge by now....

Darius Menards mother used to to teach my brother at some stage as well -maybe in Numont? Lots of names trigger various recollections.

Anyway I went to Ireland to boarding school in 1972 and lost touch with people. Never a priority at the time but recently it has been fun to go the RC website and reminisce and catch up.

Never realised or appreciated at the time what a great place Mr & Mrs Powell had set up. Well done and testament that RC is biggre and better now.

Rossa McDermott

Alexandra Bake

I too have many fond memories of Runnymede, it is my brother Michael who is in one of the horse riding photos - I'm sure I'm there too lurking in the background. The memories are flooding in... thank you for spurring them on.
Does anyone remember that song we used to sing and can they fill in the blanks?
"we are pupils of Runnymede College
we something our jackets and ties....
we all proud to be scholars of a school with so proud of a name, tho the teachers complain of our writing where King John put a cross for his name....
Twowheels on his wagon and he's still rolling along, the upper fifth are after him first for music and then for gym and they are singing this merry song.


Sandra: I am So GLAD to see your words here, have been wanting to re-establish contact with you. Here's the Bull/Towillis ditty, according to my fading memory banks:

We're pupils of Runnymede College
You can tell from our jackets and ties
We bought them from Galerias Preciados
You can see they're not quite the right size

But we're still proud to be scholars
Of a school with so famous a name
Though the teachers complain of our writing
When King John put a cross not his name....

Twowheels on his wagon
Rolling up the hill
The Upper Third are after him
Music first
And then comes gym
And they're singing this happy song:

Vallehermoso gives us a thrill
If it gets much colder it'll give us a chill
Running and jumping and having a fall*
From Runnymede College, that'll be all
From Runnymede College, that'll be all!

I have to confess I haven't thought about this song for DECADES but clearly there's a lot left in the old noggin.

Love and hugs,

Hitesh Sawlani

I left Runnymede 6 months ago, during the last few months I couldn't wait to leave but as soon as it became September, and I wasn't going to my "first day of term" as I had been doing for the last 10 years of my life, i realised how depressing the thought was of leaving school! Oh well, like someone above said, no more Mr.Bennet! (Nothing personal).

Ingrid Anderson

How wonderful to find this site! I went to Runnymede from 1969-1971 at Arga 13, and am in this photo.
I have such fond memories of the school, the hot lunches,among many of the teachers-a Mr Milton taught Latin,a Mr Towillis, a Mr Grier,a Mr Glyn Jones,I played a part in the production "La malade Imaginaire" and also rode at Somosaguas.
My year friends included Maria Eder, Eva Burgoyne, Sally Webb, Eileen MacKenzie, Fiona McCarthy (another Australian)Derek Morrissey,Michele Menard,Patty, Luis Cisneros, Manolo Powell and many others.

Luis de Avendaño

The words to the Runnymede Medley (Bull/Towillis ditty) can be found on the Class of 76 website at http://www.avendano.org/rc25/runnymedemedley.html

Pamela Dulanto

Hello there! Although I was at Runnymede much later (from 1983 to 1990) I still share some of your memories! We were at Arga (9,11 and 13) and the layout was pretty much the same as previous entries have described. I had completely forgotten Moscardo, but yes, we did go there (although later substituted with La Elipa), and I especially remember Charlie's jazz ballet classes there. Jesus, the cook, always making sure we cleaned our plates and Julia Powell braving "the elements" of a boisterous school dining room, shouting at the top of her voice and with her inimitable accent - "stop it! be quiet!!". Beltran (who was mentally handicapped) who loved to hang around outside the school gates and who would run to the Panaderia (during school hours) and fetch us those lovely donuts, cuernos and assorted chucherias. That lovely panaderia or "la pana" as we called it, with the lovely couple who ran it and lived in the back room, always so warm on a cold winter's morning. Also the chap who would drive in his van full of sweets at the end of the day and the scrabbles to get to the back of the van before anyone else, to bag the best chuches - God knows how the poor chap managed to keep us all at bay -or indeed to make any profit at all with hands coming from everywhere, grabbing any old sweet and making a run for it!
The ping pong tables at the back of number 9 (I think), the library, so tiny and yet so stuffed full of books!, the silence room where the doctor used to do the check-ups and which had a copy of the Magna Carta hanging from the wall, the library office with the old typing machine, the lab with its basement windows out of which I used to stare when I was bored because my experiments had failed), the teachers! Arthur Powell, Manolo Powell, Mr Ballard, Miss Rutter, Mr Pairadeau, Mrs Tribe, Miss McGough, Miss Simcox,Mrs Rodriguez, Mr Key, Mr Riches, Mr Peterson, Mrs Robertson (who could freeze you on the spot such was her terrifying stare! but who taught me how to Scottish Dance with her old tape player - how we loved to reel on the Arga roof-tops!), Miss Halbert, Mr Vallely, Mr Scales, Mme Arto, Melle Legros (who used all those great visual aids to teach us French - I still use her fool-proof methods for putting my accents in the right place!), Mr Sowden and his trademark van which he parked outside the school, Charlie ( I will never forget that amazing acrobatic show which he choreographed so brilliantly and which we rolled out in the middle of a Midsummer Night's dream to the utter amazement of every parent who was at the theatre!), Miss Comiskey, Mr Comiskey (and all the sporting activities particularly those dreaded Cross-country events in El Pardo), Mr Bennett, for whom I will put in a good word! as he started me on the road to loving the classics (despite him giving me my one and only detention for chatting to Katia Stalker at the back of the class!) and who used to give us the easiest Latin 5-question tests at the beginning of each class (on the back of some tiny pieces of ripped paper) - does anyone else remember the Latin booklets we used to do in numerical order and, particularly, the one about the Roman baths, which kept us all in infantile stitches because there were some drawings of naked bathers on the front cover? How Mr Bennett must have tired of going through the same drill with every new First Form! And all those other teachers whose faces and voices I can still see and hear clearly but whose names I have momentarily forgotten! Thank you.
Well, I hope Mr Pairadeau and Mr Sowden aren't reading as my syntax and punctuation has been appalling for this message, but they are my thoughts as they popped into my head!
Thank you to the Powells and to all the teachers at Runnymede for all those precious memories!

Pamela Dulanto

Phil Cundall

It is so long ago, I don't see myself in the picture - but I think I always avoid cameras. I see one recognizable name - Rossa has posted here - seems I remember an ongoing battle with D. Milbourn and yourself - sometimes I wonder what has happened with so many from that long ago. Seems I have the great memories of Saturday mornings at Somasaguas - made less painful by the wine and angulas...makes those falls so much easier!
If anybody has any idea who I am, drop me a line sometime - but 34 years later, most of us get too old to write.


does anyone know how i can get a list of contact details of those who were in my year at runneymede 1993-1996


Dear Jenny,
May I compliment you on what really is a trip down memory lane. I was a pupil at RC between '74 & '77
and whilst the odd casual visit to the website evokes some memories, your mention of Eloy the bus-driver and Jesus the cook really took me back. One of Eloy's co-drivers I believe was called Wenceslao and his bus had a single seat right at the front and I remember there was always a rush as soon as the bell went to try and get to that seat. I didn't always make it. I read in one of the other postings about Beltran fetching dognuts and churros. On a similar note I remember how
me and many of my fellow pupils from L-111-U
(Mr Utting's class) would go to meet a man at the front gate selling churros for 5 ptas a go ! They were so tasty. My memories of Moscardo are not so happy. There were 2 P.E. instructors, one of which drove a type of jeep, and it was he that would make us run round that square track around the perimeter of the basketball court just after lunch and eventually giving me bad
stomach cramps. No doubt there are those that would arugue it was probably the churros playing up but I doubt it. One of the more happier times, mainly because we were away from Madrid,(just kidding) was the 1975 school trip to Merida. If my memory serves, Mr Abernethy (Latin teacher) when writing his piece about the trip for the '75 year book, quoted one of his pupils whom I think was Mathew Jenson as saying:
"It was a swell trip" Kind of sums it up.
Well that's just a brief account of some of my memories of those years. Once again Jenny, whom I've never met but along with the above contributors feel that I kind of know, thanks for your look back which made me take the time.


I have updated this post to include some old class lists from 1970/71 (written by 12 year olds). Some of the people from that time have come across this post and left comments - thank you to everyone for touching base here. Keep the comments coming.

John Garcia

Hello. Remember me? I do remember you. With you I saw my first photocopy. It was a picture of you and your family in Germany. I've been wanting to contact you since I saw your page, but time, in my case, is little. I have however forgotten that you enjoyed horses and went riding at Somosaguas. I have to say that at that time I cared little about that sport. I also have to say that my grand dad Roy was co-founder of the Somosaguas club. Well as the years have gone by, my professional aims were directed to horses. At first, races (I owned 3 race horses at the Madrid racetrack) and then i diverted to show jumping. As for today, I teach riding and jumping at a club in Madrid called "Caño Quebrado". My 3 sons, Stephen 17,(for Stephen Ainslie, off course), Kevin 15 and Michael 14 (for Michael Ainslie) are my best show jumpers and are all champs in one category or another. From now on, I promise to horse-chat with you once in a while. Will also send pictures of all my horses. Lots of kisses, JOHN

Niall McDermott

No idea how I happened on this sight but found myself reading the whole thing...intriguing...even saw where I got an honorable mention from my older brother....he must have been in same class as a Menard...Mrs. Menard did in fact teach me...it was at Numont....my older brother and I would walk from Calle Orense (where we lived at the time)up to Numont. Anyway, I never did go to Runneymede...did the entrance test while in my last year in St. Micheals...but went back to shcool in Ireland instead to prepare for the 6 years of boarding school that was ahead of me. Get back to Madrid on a semi regular basis as now based in the US...have resumed contact with a few of my St Michaels school mates who went on to Runneymede. Richard Coates was a good mate of mine, Paco Arango, Ken Mcarthur.. a few more...if any recall me and wish to get in touch..by all means. Life was good in those days.

Stacey Goodwin

OMG !!!! I don't believe it!!!
I was thinking about my school days at Runny today and decided to look up the web site and see if there were any photos I was there 69 to early 71 I should be in that photo but maybe I left just before I can't place you Jenny strange I am Aussie too name Stacey Goodwin my Dad was with the embassy at the time not to mention his next posting was Koln Germany.
I had so much fun at that school I can remember laughing most of the time, I thought I was in the upper 5 when i left at the age of 13.
I was slightly in love with Mr Mulligan [sic] blush [he of the corduroy jacket and romantic beard].....he was so kind to me, and Miguel do you remember me I had a big crush on you, I think there were only 5 boys in my class and I had a crush on all of you I still have the photos of you all standing together all macho like on the brink of manhood it's a classic as Nadia is in it too she was a bit of a tom boy and after a few knock out fights with me because she called me "Dumbo" on account of my sticky out ears she became a good friend.
Does anyone remember camping? ....I went on the first school camp and it was so much fun we were up all night taking pegs out of the boys tents in the freezing cold poor boys I can still see them in deep distress in the middle of the night, my lollies got wet in my rucksack and a song was promptly made up for the school concert called "Stacey's lost her pills and there stuck in the wrong compartment" very embarrassing to say the least.
I remember an American girl her Father worked for NASA anyone remember her name?
PLEASE contact me I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me
take care and thank you all for the memories


Hi Stacey,

Thanks so much for adding a comment to this weblog. I almost took the post off the internet some months ago but thought better of it....interesting that this time of year seems to stir up memories of old times.

I think my dad was posted to the Embassy just as you were leaving Madrid...my Dad was your Dad's successor. If you are the Stacey I'm thinking of, we overlapped by a couple of weeks in Madrid and stayed at the Hilton at the same time - you guys were moving out and we were trying to find somewhere to live. (We got into some strife by knocking on hotel doors and then running away but got caught by someone who chased us and we had to hide behind some curtains in the hallway). That was September 1970. Did you have a younger brother? I think you must have spent a few weeks at the school before leaving and Eloy (or was it the other bus driver..?Jaime?) used to pick us up in the minibus at the hotel and take us to school for that short period of time. It was all so new to me starting school in a strange city! I thought you went back to Perth for a while but I may have got that wrong. Did you live in an older apartment in Madrid before moving? (I seem to remember a rather terrifying housekeeper...but my memory may be playing tricks).

Thanks again for writing and if I have any of those memories right, let me know. (maybe we should organise an Old Runny get together in Aus one day!



Tommy Montgomery


As one of the six Montgomery's who passed through Runnymede in the seventies, I thank you for such a nice recollection of Calle Arga adventures. You managed to stir the cobwebs off my memory banks and bring up the names of people long forgotten.

With my 25th reunion fast approaching I have recently engaged in contacting friends I had not heard from in many years, your 'indulgence' has helped make those connections the richer.

Comments to other posts:

Mr. Sanchez was in charge of sports. He did indeed drive a jeep Roberto, which he 'invited' me to ride the day he caught me trying to play hooky from extracurricular sports- Basketball and trampoline (M-W) and Swimming (T-Th). He also ran weeklong basketball and mountain climbing camps somewhere in HOT Extremadura.

Though I never went, there were also some ski trips with Mr Poweell to the Pyrenees.

Roberto, do you remember the pregnant cat who Mr Utting let sit on our the sun drenched desks during class? I can't remember what ever happened to the kittens born in the basement of Arga 13, but I remember the lesson of being kind to animals to this day.

Edwin French


I sat in the last row and the cat was always on my desk, taking the morning sun.

After all these years, how do you all remember so many details, remarkable.

Unfortunately my family left Spain and I wasn't able to finish school at Runnymede. though I do have the fondest memories of my time there.

Best regards to all.
Edwin French

P.S. I gues I'll have to get a password to visit the RC website ;-)

Ken McArthur

Niall, what a blast from the past! My sister, Fiona, forwarded me your post. I remember Richard Coates and Paco Arango but have not been in touch with them since leaving Runnymede in 1973 or thereabouts. I also remember Joel Bradley, George Cheechak, Robert and was Michael(?)Castellano, Richard Luff, Dimitri Porcel etc from St Michaels. I think I even remember some of the girls' names too: ...was it Alicia Rodriguez or Orona d'Aragon?, Donna Tarn, Fatimah someone... my memory fails me. I'm sure with a bit more thought I could recall more. Life certainly was good in those days... I have been working/living in Shanghai for the last 3 years and will be here for another 7 months or so. Haven't been back to Spain since the late 1970's - crazy huh? I also spent some time at boarding school in London in 1977 and 1978 before completing school/uni' in Australia. It would be good to catch up one day. Would love to know what you guys have been doing for the last 33 years!

Anna Claró

Hi! I went to Runnymede from Sept. 1969 to 1971 when we moved to Barcelona. Was really friendly with Yael Oren who I remember fondly and have often regretted having lost contact...would be great to see some of my classmates again..I also remember Patricia Kelly . It is a great school...

Joff Henley

Jenny - a great post. Sadly I was before your time - I was at Runnymede from 1967 (or thereabouts) to 1968 before leaving Madrid and going to boarding school in Devon (Kelly College). My memories are hazy but individual things stand out ... often such schoolboy experiences as are too embarassing to relate! I wonder if anyone else on this site was at the school around the same time? "Friends Reunited" is very thin on content for Runnymede...

I would be glad to hear from any old schoolmates still kicking around!

Sheyda Ardalan

Jenny, this was such a treat! I went to Runnymede from 1970 to 1972, a short two years, but like you, I have never forgotten those years. My younger sister, Neda, was probably a year above you in the lower school. My older sister, Sheerin, was in the 6th form. I was in the upper school (fifth form) and remember both Stacey Goodwin and Miguel Rivas Micoud! Stacey left within months of my arrival and Miguel within a year. He used to get into so much trouble! I had never seen such red hair in my life! I was in Trial by Jury, worked on the set of Oliver, and made a poster for My Fair Lady (but did we actually put on that play?). I loved Spain and Runnymede was a good school. Thanks for the memories. Those songs, the bus ride to the stables on Saturdays, especially when the leaves were turning and the world seemed like on fire, and the Mendoza sisters and their battery operated record player… We never imagined such things as iPods! And oh, boy, that song, "Chirpie Chirpie Cheep Cheep"!!! The best one was “My Sweet Lord”. I must have listened to that song a million times a day…. Miss Harper was one of the best teachers I ever had. Mr. Legg was our English teacher, and of course, there was Mr. Glyn Jones (geography), Mr. Nelson (and Mrs. Nelson) for music, Mr. Owen (PE), Mr. Ballard (history), Mr. Millican (art), and the science teacher...

I remember one day a group of us stood by the corner of Calle Arga and unscrewed the street sign. We would each take a shot at turning the screws since we didn't have a screwdriver and our fingers would hurt real bad. We were so worried that we would get caught by Mr. Powell and then all hell would break loose! When the sign was finally undone, Christopher Roberts stuck it under his jacket and took it home. Lucky guy!

We used to go to the Swedish School dances as we didn't have any at Runnymede. All the kids were smoking pot. Thus began our teenage years.....

Niall McDermott


Great to see your reply...sent you an email....look me up and lets catch up ...33 years is way too long....all the best.... Niall McDermott

Caroline "Bubblz" Ainslie

Hi, I was in Runnymede from 73 (LIIIA) to 78(UVA), My brothers Michael and Stephen also attended.
My brother sent me the link to Mulumbimba Moments and my memory is lousy! BUT I have been trying to contact people for a reunion with little success would love to hear from anyine in my class. I am in touch with Kerry Rhoden, Donna Tarn, Maria da Cunha, Annette Cronin, Nick Merigo and Mark Hall. I have also heard from Yvonne Menard and Larry Call and Dominique Hubble

I am in London. I am a professional clown (no, it's not a joke!), balloon artist and magician!

Who'd have thought!

Looking forward to getting in touch with loads more people!

Bubblz (aka Caroline Ainslie)

Ingrid Anderson

Just a quick post to say how glad I am that you keep this up Jenny. The class of 76 had a reunion in July 2006 which I just missed out on. I was in Europe but couldn't stay the extra few days. Perhaps your idea of a Southern Hemisphere get together one year?

Ingrid Anderson

Just a quick post to say how glad I am that you keep this up Jenny. The class of 76 had a reunion in July 2006 which I just missed out on. I was in Europe but couldn't stay the extra few days. Perhaps your idea of a Southern Hemisphere get together one year?


Thanks Ingrid,
I think we should seriously think of trying a meet up in the Southern Hemisphere. I have been working on persuading two of our old OR friends who live in California to come for a visit...one has been just as persuasive in attempting to get us over there..... Surely we can work something out!

Manolo Powell

Remember it is the 40th anniversary this year.


Manolo. would you be able to email me the details of the 40th anniversary so that I can put the info in to the main body of this post? Thanks.

Manolo Powell

Will do; we are sending an e-mail to all Old Runnymedians later today. Basically we are looking for feed-back from alumni before finalising arrangements.

Roberto Oberti

It's been sometime since my last visit to the site but it was nice to see that a couple of other former class mates (Tommy & Edwin) still remember something from those
L-111-U days. I don't know about anyone else but I'm a big fan of the Spanish TV series "Cuentame Como Paso" (for those of you not in the know, it cronicles the lives of the Alcantara family from Madrid during the late 60s and & early 70s) and being of a certain age I can relate to a lot of the sights and sounds featured in the series. We're currently reliving 1974, the year I joined RC.

keep up the good work Jenny and hope to read more stories in the non to dstant future.

Roberto Oberti

Nuria Stisin

Although my sister (Abigail) and I went to Runnymede later than most of the people who have written up to now we both have great memories and amazing stories from school years.
Do you remember West Side Story with Jo O'Curneen , Sara Fernandez-Ashton, Margerite Riches, Dany Eisen and all the rest of us? Dancing, singing and living one of the best "stories of childhood" I can remember.
those are some of the best times at school.
Skiing trips, P.E. with Mr. Sanchez and Carlos (with whom I met a few years ago in the Polideportivo at Alcobendas)and Mr.Comiskey.
Cross - country "club" at retiro with Enrique Mora.
Ms. Balashova , Ms.Comiskey, Mr. & Mrs. Rustage..... what about Ms.Dilworth and Mr. Jotsham, Mr.Ballard?

anyone can update about our teachers?

lots of kisses,

Nuria Stisin

Karen Stobbart

Hello there, A wonderful trip down memory lane. I was in Mrs Nelsons class (I think a transition class form Numont to RC). We had a fabulous time. I remember finding a litter of abandoned kittens in the playground and Mrs Nelson going to get milk to keep tham allive during the day !! I can't remember what we did with them after that ??!! I also went ice skating and riding and my older sister Shirley attended RC also. We left in 73/74 to go to boarding school in Dorset. Some wonderful memories of a very happy time .

Liz Dahlson

Great memories indeed. I had to leave Runnymede in January 1971 when I was packed off to school in Edinburgh. I always seemed to be getting into trouble and remember running into the school sign in the playground and having to go to the Anglo-American Hospital for stitches. Despite my floods of tears Mrs Powell told me I´d survive because I had a very hard head! I also remember loads of us being part of the Mendoza girls fan club - they were always so good at everything, not to mention good-looking. Alina was a great pal, as well as Olga Fanjul. In addition to going to Runnymede briefly and enjoying every minute of it, one of the most emotional moments of my life was going to the only reunion I´ve ever been to in May 1980 in London with my friend Victoria Robertson, who stayed on to graduate, and being greeted by the Powells like a long lost friend. It was also great to meet up with some old friends, among them Jack Sagel who I met at Numont, and who was the love of my life at age 8! By the way, Karen, Shirley Stobbart was a friend of mine, others were Esther, Aimee (I was always jealous of her hairslides that had her name on them!), Janice, Sally, Barbara, Vicky - we also thought Bruce and Ian were kind of cute then too! But after visiting the website for the first time last month and checking the pics, I realise there are many I´d forgotten about. So Hucha, remember that lovely necklace you gave me in a pretty soap box when I left?? Hey, and how many of you can remember guitar club (I never made it to the horse-riding group but made it to skating once before losing my sweater and being banned!) singing Stewball and Puff the Magic Dragon with Mr Bull?? I have photos to prove it! Those were the days! Thanks, Jenny, for a well-deserved tribute! And who knows maybe I´ll make it to the 40th anniversary in Madrid!

James Burgess

Great to find this blog. But why are none of you waxing lyrical about the Caledonian dancing on the roof with Mrs Robertson (79-82). Not sure that as boys we were allowed to take part, but the memory remains a fond one....

Nuria Stisin

What happened to "Slander"? did you ever play in any school party? great discos .... some first slow dances and lots of fun.

Steve Tarn

Had hoped to get to the Reunion in Madrid last weekend and noted a few old friends who were listed. Hope the evening went well and shall just have to put a note in the diary for the 50th Anniversary.
Interested to see Stephen Ainslies photographs and how on earth did we ever get away with those dreadful hairstyles, (you in particular Stephen). I see both Graham and Donna mentioned in Jennys Blog, comments regarding Graham winning by methods fair or foul! And delighted to see Donna remembered, albeit, Donna can't have been at Runnymede for more than a nanosecond as she must only have been 11 when we left Madrid in 74.
Great competition between the Tarns and the Ainslies for all the annual swimming trophies. Don't do much swimming now though, prefering the much more sedate sport of Squash! Should take heed that I really am now old enough to play golf! Have always said.... When I'm no good for anything else, I'll play golf and get married... not necessarily in that order.
Great to see memorable names on the reunion list, Cassandra Constant, Loli Novack, Charles Powell (among other Powells) and the Ainslies. Keep well, one and all.

Wendy Dammier

For some reason, I've been thinking about Runnymede a lot lately. I attended there after advancing from Numont in 1973, and I left in January of 1975 to move to my dad's place at the US Naval Base down in Cadiz. I terribly missed my friends from Runnymede, and I still do. When I found the Runnymede website and the old school pictures, I sat and wept. Occasionally, it still brings tears when I see a name from my form, that I haven't heard of in over 30 years.

Some of my best memories come from attending this school, the Saturday riding lessons, the field trip for Geology to Cuenca...
I still have some of my Runnymede notebooks.

I adopted a kitten from the school, a gray mackerel tabby male. I named him Runnymede.

And I fondly remember my friends and classmates Christine, Kendra and Sonya Block, Kimmy Lenhoff, Paul Van Wonderen, Maurice and Yvonne Menard, Sandra Colis, Maria Josefa, Maria Fernanda and Maria Castro, Miriam de Birch, Nicole Von Breunig, Daniel Brown, Faten Juma, Clive Broad, Gonzalo Pinas, and so many whose faces I can see in my mind's eye but whose names ecape me at the moment... and Mr. Ellenor! One of the best teachers with whom I've ever had the privilege to attend class.

Isabel Guerrero

Hi old pals,
I was at Runnymede around 1970/71 and it was one of the most precious experiences I have ever lived.The atmosphere at that school was so smooth and cultural. Of course I still remember all the names & details mentionned above, but the most important to me at that time were my friends. I'd love to get in touch with Gaby Kabza,Ruth Bergel, Diana Melero, and my very dear Fred Weldon, have been looking for him for sometime. If anyone has heard of them, could you please let me know. Thanks and hugs to you all.

Fred Weldon

Yeehaw y'all!

Since Isabel posted that we've been in touch,ain't the Net great?

Thanks to Jenny too for havin' this blog.


do mr.sowden and mr.murphy appear in that photograph..? I think I can spot them.

Lucy Holthouse

Very excited to read all your comments. My family (twin daughters 7yrs) and I are moving from Sydney Australia to Madrid in December for three years and I have been looking at schools. I was keen on Runnymede and feel even stronger about it having read the above comments. Unfortunately at the moment we are on a waiting list, but my fingers are crossed.

Markus Reiss

Excuse me, but does anyone know Alison de Birch? I read the name Miriam de Birch in one of the above posts, but am looking for Alison, who was a friend of mine in the 80s. I reckon, Miriam could be one of her sisters. I remember, that Alison and her sisters were attending a British school in Madrid and all clues point at Runnymede. Could you give me a hint? Thx!!

Agnes Velazco-Vicknair

I went to RC '79-'81 when my family moved to the US. This was definitely a trip down memory lane..
It would be good to catch up with some of my classmates so, PLEASE contact me, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me !


John Claro

Anyone remember the Judge in Trial by Jury? Ahem. My apologies to those that do. Seriously, how in the world did Mr. Nelson get us to sing an operetta!? And what other school would put one on - Runnymede was/is truly unique!

Greetings from Connemara!

Fred Weldon

Yep John,I remember,I was the Defendant.My father recorded the show on his reel-to-reel,sadly that tape is long lost.

I remember it being a lot of fun.

Kyler Davis

Just came across this site looking for Cheryl Carmelitano. I was at Runnymede around 1970-71 and recognize many of the names. If any of you still read this blog send me a line to kylers916@yahoo.com.
Thanks. -Kyler Davis
(Yes, still hanging out with Mark and Val John Vorisek)


Hi Jenny,
I too went to Runnymede from 1967-1969 at the original location. I believe it was on Avenida Jose Antonio. Well, it had a empty pool in the courtyard. I remember Mr. Powell very well. He was the first headmaster to paddle me! Thank you for the memories!


could you please name the teachers on the picture?Thankyou

josine kamerling

I discovered this by chance, I was at Runnymede from 1972 to 1977 and have great memories too, the horseriding the gym the trip to cuenca etc!! would love to get into contact with old classmates!! josine kamerling

Eric Holm

I attended 1979 - 1984.
I remember Mr. Murphy fondly. Great humor.
I also remember Manolo......
Actually would like to hear from a couple of my classmates, Debra Petersen, Steven, Asha, Ignacio....etc.

kyler davis

Class of '77-I definitely recognize some of the faces, let me throw out some names here see if they ring any bells. Alex Rivas-McCoud (red hair!) Tristan, Cheryl Carmelitano, Mark Vorisek, Darius Menard, Alison, Luis Cisneros and my buddy Tiger (who's last name I can't remember-some buddy!) I was at Numont before Runnymede, then at Kings College. It would be great to hear from anyone of my former classmates. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Marguerite Tomlinson

Hey out there-just stumbled across this while trying to get to sleep! What a blast from the past...btw I'm Marguerite Tomlinson nee Riches and have lovely rose-tinted memories of Runnymede 1980-85 especially of all my classmates Alex Chamorro, Sara Fernandez-Ashton, David Leeland, Russell Lloyd et al. I remember a lot of laughter! Wonder how you all are...Lots of love, Marguerite

Isabel Ramos

Hi,i am acctualy only 10 years old,but i go to Runnymede college.I am in year 5.I dont know why i appeared in this website,but I have to say everything u said is true.But everything has changed!!!!!Its comletely different than how it is know!!!!! Well loved seeing this!!!
and i dont know lots of the teachers u said but i do know Mr Comisky, Ms Balashova.

Everything is great here

Wendy Dammier

Wrote earlier that I attended Runnymede in 1973, but I started there in 1972! Is nice to have caught up with so many old friends on Facebook. :)


Checking comments working

Cassandra Constant

Hello Jenny,
Thank you for posting! I remember all the things you say here. I was in Charles Powell´s class, and am the girl with the white hairband on the back row towards the middle.
My memories are all wonderful about Runnymede, and I am so grateful to my parents for sending me there.
We will miss you for the celebrations!
Abrazos... and hope you come to Madrid soon!
Cassandra Constant


Hi Cassandra - thanks so much for commenting here!! Yes, I remember your name!! Thanks also for telling me where you are in the photo. The fact that we were such a small group makes me feel we were all one large class. I would love to come to a Runnymede Reunion but it's difficult at the moment given carer commitments. Perhaps I should aim for the 60 year reunion.

Jenny xx

Caroline Ainslie

I am Stephen Ainslie's baby sister. I started LIIIA in 1973. I am amazed at how much you remember!

I do remember getting my chocolate donut from the panadería round the corner before horse riding.

I think you must have been there when they did Ghost Train and Oliver! Do you remember those productions?

Mr Glyn Jones & another teacher sang the Runnymede Medley

We're pupils from Runnymede College
You can tell by our jackets & ties... etc

Thanks for the pic


Hi Caroline,

Thanks so much for leaving a comment here!!! I'm loving revisiting all the memories especially as this is now the 50th Anniversary year for Runnymede. Stephen was in my class back in 1970/71. I remember the school productions of Trial by Jury and Oliver.

Mr Glyn Jones was very kind to me on my first day of school in September 1970. He was sitting at our table in the dining room. I must have looked lost as he told me that it was his first day working at the school, so we were both new together. I think he may even have been our form teacher in UIIIA. :) Stephen might remember better than me.

Note to self!: Read the post again. It was Mr Ashworth who was our form teacher in UIIIA. He was lovely, too.


Natasha Ruzynski (nee Greenman)

What a wonderful blog post. :)
I was at Runnymede from '80-'85. To say that my memories of my years at Calle Arga are 'magical' is an understatement. Runnymede was my sanctuary, my escape, my safe place. The love I had for my friends and my teachers knew no bounds.
I'll never forget my years at Runnymede; and reconnecting with so many of my pals on Facebook over the years has been a precious gift as well. <3

Stephen Ainslie

Celebrating the 50th and the 40th at the same time. Hope you can make it this year!

Manolo Powell

I hope you will make it to the dinner in September.


@ Natasha - Thanks for posting this lovely comment .... I agree! I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Runnymede. The school I went to back in Australia was a cold, sterile place with no 'soul' .... if that makes sense ... Runnymede was special in so many ways.


@Stephen & Manolo,

What can I say? I'd dearly love to come to the dinner!! It has always been a dream of mine to come back one day and it would be fabulous to celebrate the Anniversary. Overseas travel for me is on hold at the moment however, owing to family commitments including the health of my 92 year old Mum. (I am her main support here). I'll be in touch :)

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