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August 22, 2004



a pear??


Oo, oo! Can I take a guess?

It looks like a mango, specifically a mango where the pit broke away from the surrounding fruit. Or maybe it's two mangoes stuck together, one with a little pit, another that's all pit, very little fruit. I wonder how it grew that way? Then again, I frequently see tomatoes and potatoes that are obviously two smaller fruit (or tubers) that somehow got fused together. They always make me smile to come across them.


I was going to guess mango too, but it's definitely on the weird side!


I have no clue...it resembles a guord squash, but not really


Hmmmmmmm. Well, it looks like it has a thin skin, so I'm guessing something like a deformed plum. This isn't a trick question, is it? It's not one of those marsupial fruits that only grow in Australia?


LOL - marsupial fruits indeed! Bakerina is right - it's a mango - or siamese twin mangoes. I can't remember if the smaller end had a seed in it - but the larger end had plenty of flesh (not that we ate it, it looked too odd).


Sorry, Pica - you were right as well. (I just caught sight of your comment).

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