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September 11, 2003



I found this a very interesting post. By reading it, it gave me a sudden urge to jump onto a plane and fly to England to check it out. I am one of those people who are very interested in witchcraft, magic and magical places. When next i travel to England i must check out this place. I will also keep looking at your weblog, in my personal opinion i think it is very well set out, very interesting and well written. Keep up the good work.


I'm curious if you noticed the likeness of the face when you were there. It seems quite clear in your photo and even clearer in the one on the Megalithic Portal page. I would imagine that if you were not conscious of it, it could have had a strong, and perhaps frightening, subliminal effect on your perceptions of the stone. Also, does it look as if the face was actually carved there by people, or is it just a coincidence, like the face on mars? It looks like the texture of the face is different than that of the rest of the rock.

Beth W.

Buck & I will be on the Isle of Arran in Scotland this September. The "standing stones of Machrie" on Machrie Moor there are somewhat famous. I am especially looking forward to seeing them now that I've read this post, and will be sure to send you a photo!

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