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January 02, 2005



oh that sounds like fun, when I get time later Ill have a go at that.


Interesting. I'll have to try that. I do occasionally encounter people I know on completely unrelated blogs.


hehe, interesting... i have thought about the application of this theory with blogrolls. I tried with ur blog and i was home in 7 clicks.
(sorry for my english)


What an utterly cool idea! Can I link to this post from my blog and spread the experiment?

By the way, the shortest way from my blog ( http://Syvwlch.blogspot.com ) to yours is in two steps, via the blue ridge blog (http://blueridgeblog.blogs.com/blue_ridge_blog/ ). Altho I followed a link from a post, you ARE in his blogroll.


Thanks for the email, here is the post :



Cool idea Mathieu! I guess the Mulubinba number of THIS blog is zero. Bartlebooth, your Mulubinba number is 7.


I've received a comment to the post linked above, which makes a valid point. It makes more sense for the Mulubinba Number to be counted from Mulubinba Moments back to the target blog, and not the other way around.

So it turns out that Ban Sidhe has a MN of 5 via :

Mulubinba Moments
My Boyfriend is a Twat
Petite Anglaise
Dispatches from France
Ban Sidhe

While Mulubinba Moments has a Ban Sidhe Number of 2, via Blue Ridge Blog.

I've posted this information here : http://syvwlch.blogspot.com/2005/01/actually-my-mulubinba-number-seems-to.html

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